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How to use SVN for updating WordPress plugins

I’m a git user, and I always forget how to use SVN to update my WordPress plugins for the official plugins repository listing. Here is a reminder to myself. This assumes you have svn installed on your system already. The first thing is to make the updates in the git tracked folder. Don’t make them […]

Music/Sounds for Web Development

Finding just the right sounds or music to listen to while doing web development can be tricky. Sometimes downtempo house music is called for. Other times a noise generator will do nicely. Then there are days for Megadeth or Bach’s solo cello suites. Here are some of my most-used offerings with music and/or sounds for […]

Using a Vue app within a WordPress plugin

Creating a full-fledged Vue.js application inside a WordPress plugin takes a little bit of special setup to the two code libraries working together. Here I’ll show the way I’ve been solving this, though I’m sure it’s not the only way. I’m going to skip a number of prerequisites: I’ll assume you already have the vue-cli […]

My Quest to eliminate/reduce my dependence on Google products

When it comes to email, most of us are driving around the beautiful and free Lamborghini that is Gmail (along with its associated Google applications). Lately, however, I’ve started to be more bothered by the fact that this free ride comes with an analyst in the passenger seat quietly making a note of everyone I talk […]

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Soma FM player

I often listen to Soma FM internet radio while at work, but I do not like their radio UI. So this seemed like a good opportunity to stretch my Vue.js muscles. This is a project I’ve been working on little by little for some time. I invite you to try it out and let me […]

Come Holy Spirit Come

I was just on the website of Hiram Ring, a musician and linguist, when I noticed that he gave a shout out to Beth Almquist and I for adding a chorus to his tune. I had actually forgotten we did that and sent it to him, so it was a complete surprise to find our […]

Transforming shortcodes to “blocks”

Check out my latest article series on the Bates Web Technologies site:

New Plugin: New York Times Bestseller Lists

I just posted a new plugin to embed New York Times bestseller Lists on your site. It’s geared towards libraries, but it will work well for any use. Check it out, it’s cool! This was also my first experience listing a plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, which was interesting and not at all the […]

A top 10 website

There are roughly 3000 colleges in the United States. If you keep that in mind, getting chosen for a top ten slot in a list of “Best College Websites” is pretty excellent. Well, someone pointed out to me today that Bates College‘s site (which is covered in my develop/design fingerprints) is on a number of these […]

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Poor Sinner Dejected with Fear

This is the tune for Poor Sinner, Dejected with Fear written by Katy Bowser and Matthew Perryman Jones  ©2001. Lovely tune, and the fun thing is to try to play the melody line and supporting chords at once. This recording is me by my lonesome self, playing a prelude at church a few weeks back.

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