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New York Times Bestsellers Lists WordPress Plugin

This is the demo page for my New York Times Bestseller Lists WordPress plugin. If you like it, why not try it out now (from the WordPress plugin directory)?

There are a few configuration options: You can set the initial list to display on page load. And you can easily modify the library catalog links using whatever format suits you. I’ve set up an example format below for my local library.

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#1: Pete The Cat: Big Easter Adventure

James Dean and Kimberly Dean

A certain rabbit needs Pete’s help.

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#2: We Are The Gardeners

Joanna Gaines and Kids

The Gaines children start a garden and learn life lessons.

Book Cover

#3: The Good Egg

Jory John

An egg who is good to others learns to be good to itself.

Book Cover

#4: The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Emily Winfield Martin

A celebration of future possibilities.

Book Cover

#5: How To Catch The Easter Bunny

Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

The Easter Bunny avoids traps in order to deliver eggs and candy.

Book Cover

#6: Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin

What to serve your dragon-guests.

Book Cover

#7: You Are My Happy

Hoda Kotb

A celebration of things that make us happy.

Book Cover

#8: Don’t Let Them Disappear

Chelsea Clinton

An introduction to young readers of 12 endangered species.

Book Cover

#9: A Piglet Named Mercy

Kate DiCamillo

The Watson family finds a piglet.

Book Cover

#10: P Is For Pterodactyl

Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter

Exploring mischievous words that ignore the rules of phonetics and spelling.

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