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Solving the New Bates College Homepage

I just wrote this article for Bates College on how we created the homepage design. Check it out: Solving the New Bates Homepage

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SASS Mixins

Animations @mixin keyframes($name) { @-ms-keyframes #{$name} { @content } @-o-keyframes #{$name} { @content } @-moz-keyframes #{$name} { @content } @-webkit-keyframes #{$name} { @content } @keyframes #{$name} { @content } } @mixin animation($val) { -ms-animation: $val; -o-animation: $val; -webkit-animation: $val; -moz-animation: $val; animation: $val; } Example @include animation(( delay: .8s, duration: 1.6s, iteration-count: 1, name: fadeFromHilite, […]

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Getting NPM build scripts to run-on-save in SublimeText

Today I finally got my es2015 javascript to compile to es5 javascript automatically upon save. First, I set up my project using npm. I setup the following dev dependencies: babel-cli babel-core babel-preset-es2015 In the package.json file, I’ve got the following scripts setup … “scripts”: { “build-js”: “babel scripts.pre.js –out-file scripts.js”, “build”: “npm run build-js” … […]

SublimeText settings & plugins

This page has moved to Notion.so, (which is an interesting amalgamation of note-taking, database, job-tracking, journaling, and more).

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Setting up Domain Mapping with WordPress MU

Most of this information can be found here, but I’d like to rewrite it for increased clarity and to add a few details. First some definitions: umbrella domain: the domain which houses the mu installation. other domain: the domain which will have a single WordPress site within the network. How To At the domain registrar, point […]

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Fade-in text: jQuery plugin

This is a basic plugin for jQuery which adds an effect for slowly fading in text. There may be other plugins out there that have similar functionality, but this was an attempt to try building such a thing. Demo The Code

GET Query Params with Javascript

Update April 2018 Sigh, the things we learn as we go… This is actually way easier than I made it before. In fact, it so easy it doesn’t really need these wrapper functions around the URLSearchParams() family of things. However in the interest of making a transition from the earlier code, here you are: var […]

Shortcode to Use a WordPress widget in Page Content

A small snippet creating a shortcode which will display any widget.

Helper function (in vanilla js) to find a GET query parameter

var parseQueryParameters = function(){ var queryString = window.location.search; var queries = {}; if(queryString==”) return queries; var q = queryString.replace(‘?’,”).split(‘&’); q.forEach(function(pair){ var a = pair.split(‘=’); if(typeof a[1]===’undefined’) a.push(”); queries[a[0]] = a[1]; }); return queries; }; var getQueryStringValue = function(param){ var queries = parseQueryParameters(); if(typeof queries[param] == ‘undefined’) return false; else return queries[param]; };

Perils of Working with a Third Party Application

At my current employer we use a third party application/service called            . Their CSS framework is full of “suck” and where they decide to employ classes (and not) in their HTML is absolutely mystifying. Some places you have heirarchies like: <body id=”MainBody”> <form id=”MainForm”> <div id=”content-wrap”> <div id=”content”> <div class=”body-area”> <div id=”ContentMiddle”> <!–stuff you […]

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