Jake Paris


Here you are at the site for Jake Paris. I’m a web developer, musician, artist. I was a librarian for a while. Now I work full time at Bates College as a “Web Developer/Designer”, which I enjoy a lot. I like bridging that divide between those who design and those who think in code.

You’ve read this far, so you might as well say hi!

Bye Bye Laptop

Today, on February 9, 2018 at 1pm EST, I say goodbye to my first real developer laptop. A MacBook Pro from 2014. The keyboard is the best I’ve ever used (like typing on hard butter) and I…

Building an After-Market API for a library catalog

Recently, as a fun way to work on my Vue.js skills, I built an interface for the library catalog of our local libraries. Sadly, the system that the libraries use doesn’t have an API…

Wiring a Paging Element in Vue.js (or, how are they building things these days?)

If you don’t know Vue, read the Vue.js introduction first. The short answer is that it’s a framework to build your page by data/information rather than markup. It allows you to wire data together…

Extract the Coordinate data from a KML file into JSON

If you create a polygon in Google Earth and then save it, it will be in .kml format. To extract the coordinate information into a more usable json format, paste the entire kml file…

Fill form fields based on url query parameters

Based on this code I did earlier, I created this function which fill out form fields based on the query parameter values. There are three optional parameters. Using with no parameters will automatically try…

MARC Record to JSON Converter

Easily convert your MARC records into JSON format, which is compatible with most modern APIs and other thingamabobers.

Solving the New Bates College Homepage

I just wrote this article for Bates College on how we created the homepage design. Check it out: Solving the New Bates Homepage